NFFCNA 2020/21 Membership Statement

When the clock struck midnight on December 31st 2019, very few people could have envisioned what the first few months of the year was going to bring. We at NFFCNA were deep into the final planning phases for our 2020 Meet Up in Nashville and looking forward to a resurgence in form on the pitch as Sabri’s men launched a final assault in our bid to rejoin the elite in the top tier of English Football.

Life comes at you fast and the global health crisis caused by COVID-19 has forced fundamental changes in our day to day way of life for a lot of people and NFFCNA were not immune to this. We made the decision to postpone our meet up in Nashville just as the outbreak was accelerating across the United States, looking back now, this was absolutely the right decision no matter how unfortunate it was. We do plan to revisit this as soon as we are able to, we just have to be careful and look after the health and safety of our friends first and foremost.

Along with this, came the news across most global sports that games, matches, events and races were to be halted with immediate effect. Leaving aside the politics of if, when and how the respective seasons should be resolved, the immediate reality is that the 2019/20 season is yet to be completed and could potentially either be cancelled indefinitely or delayed deep into the summer months. With that in mind and following the leads of our good friends at the Official Supporters Club and London Trickies branches, we wanted to share with you an update on our thoughts on the NFFCNA membership process for the 2020/21 season.

NFFCNA Member Packs and Signing up for the 2020 Season

The process of planning, ordering and distributing member packs for the 2019/20 season from start to finish probably took around 8-10 weeks (for a number of reasons). With the high levels of uncertainty about commencement of the 2020 season and our own personal circumstances, we currently have no start date for this process for the upcoming membership cycle. That is not to say we won’t but a lot will depend on the various factors surrounding the season restarting, the timing of things and our own personal situations. If we can do something, we will certainly aim to do so and any funds generated from this portion of the member pack will as always go a long way to helping sustain and build the NFFCNA group.

In the short term, we recommend signing up directly with the Nottingham based Official Supporters Club HERE (£7 OPTION) and stating North America or Toronto as your branch. This will give you access to the UK based membership perks which as of last season were as follows:

  • Use of bar before home matches at the Boat Club, Trentside
  • Monthly prize draw – £50 each month, August to April
  • Social events organized centrally and by some branches
  • Regular consultative forum meetings with NFFC (contact the General Secretary for details)
  • Supporters Club Executive Box made available to branches throughout the season
  • Arranged tour of the City Ground
  • Business Discounts


When the world is ready to re-open, we will collectively take a look at the situation and weigh up all the different factors in play. We’ll then communicate our thoughts via email to existing members with renewal information if applicable and a via our website for new members who wish to join our merry band of men, women and children!

Until that point, ALL NFFCNA 2019/20 memberships remain valid and will do so until such time that the 2019/20 season concludes or the 2020/21 season begins.

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or just fancy a chat, you can reach us via direct message on Twitter, messenger on Facebook or by email at

Until that time when it is safe to do so, stay home and stay safe. We’ll see you all on the other side.

Karl, Dan, Jordan, Nigel and Andy