History of Nottingham Forest

Collectively we all know the major bullet points of the history of our great club. Here we aim to break it down into a collection of bite size chunks that succinctly summarize the clubs history from its foundations in 1865, the Cup FInal triumphs in 1898 and 1959, the great teams of the 1960’s, a certain Mr. Clough and his various triumphs right through to the current generation of players, managers, triumphs and failures.

To accomplish this, we’ll pull in material from various sources to present a clear and accessible narrative for you to enjoy and digest.

  • Part 1 – Bandy & Shinty, The Clinton Arms, an FA Cup Final and the rest of the 19th Century
  • Part 2 -World Wars, Ups and Downs and not much else
  • Part 3 – The 1950’s and Elton John’s Cousin
  • Part 4 – 1960’s, The Nearly Men and Forest on Fire
  • Part 5 – The Top One
  • Part 6 – Premier League, SKY TV and Adapting to Change
  • Part 7 – The Owner is a Fan (Part 1) – The Doughty Years
  • Part 8 – The Owner is a Fan (Part 2) – The Fawaz Years
  • Part 9 – Shipping Magnets and the Current Generation