NFFC North America Mission Statement

With the unquestionable growth in numbers, popularity and visibility, Forest fans in North America are moving into previously uncharted territory in terms of the opportunities we have and the connection to the club no matter how many thousands of miles away they are. The progress of NFFC USA and now NFFC North America has bought us this far and in order to properly establish where we might want to go and how we might want to go about it, we feel it is only right that as the custodians of this privilege, we should be clear and transparent on what our objectives are.

To be clear, these objectives are not carved in stone. Nottingham Forest North America does not belong to the five of us, it belongs (as a great man once said albeit in a slightly different context) to all of us.

That said, we genuinely believe that between the five of us we have the passion, the attitude and the ideas to not only cement NFFCNA’s place amongst Forest’s international supporter base, but to grow it into something very special and something we can all be proud of.

So talk is cheap… What are those ideas we speak of? Below are a few brief bullet points outlining the direction, initiatives and targets we propose to undertake over the coming months and hopefully years.


  • Our overall goal as NFFCNA is to bring people together. Be it through creating a list of existing locations where Forest fans can gather, a list of people to connect with to build new local communities of supporters, through conceiving, organizing and delivering yearly meet ups so all fans can stay connected with each other no matter where your local group is located. If we can achieve this as a baseline, we will be happy and to do so we will need your help. The more people we know the more detailed our map becomes which naturally will make it easier to make connections. There are a good number of us already… Let’s all work to make that number even higher!

The Website

  • Our vision is to have a central resource wherein members (and non-members alike) can access content specifically relating to our activities in North America. A directory of locations to watch games, links to NFFCNA and possibly region-specific merchandise, a blog, a podcast, photo galleries and whatever else we can cram into the space!

Annual Meet Ups

  • As great as it is to have 60 people all throwing their ideas into the hat for where and when the next meet up(s) should be, somebody needs to take responsibility for sifting through the chatter and organizing the overriding details of these meetups. Our 2019 meet up in Chicago did not happen overnight nor did it happen by accident. There was a bunch of work behind the scenes by Shaun, NFFCCHI and many others to make sure the event not only happened but that it was also had every chance to be a success. With this, we propose to poll members through various methods to reduce the list of potential locations down to a few genuine candidates before deciding on the best location for the meet up. The decision will be based on a number of factors like time, distance, cost, transport links, safety, resources etc. etc
  • NFFCNA would then work with local resources and the NFFCNA members to plan and execute ideas for the 2020 meet up

Membership, Merchandise and Money

  • Full disclosure. Following the lead of the likes of Forza Garibaldi and London Trickies, we aim to make and keep the NFFCNA group as a non-profit organization. Any money we raise from subs will be re-invested back into the group to create and produce merchandise. Some of this (depending on how the costs shape up) will take the form of items for the membership packs, others that don’t meet the production to sale ratio can and will be offered separately at the lowest price we are realistically able to do. NFFCNYC (like Forza Garibaldi) have shown that producing and selling good, quality merchandise can help fund operations. Again, to be clear, none of us are drawing a salary from doing this, it is voluntary and driven by a desire to see NFFCNA succeed and grow. We’re doing it because of a shared love of Nottingham Forest and the shared circumstance that we live several time zones away from NG1!
  • We are starting pretty much from scratch financially so to continue the growth from Shaun Simms’ tenure, is going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of support from you guys.
  • For our part we will be open, honest and transparent with what we are doing. We’re all grown ups and as such are more than happy to field questions or concerns or criticisms on this topic through the official social / communication channels like email

#AlwaysTobeHere #ForestAllOverTheWorld #EverywhereWeGo

Dan, Andy, Karl, Nigel, Jordan