NFFCNA Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the Nottingham Forest North America Hall of Fame

Rules for Induction:

Prior to our annual meet up (or every 12 months – whichever happens first), we will produce a shortlist of candidates for that years Hall of Fame class induction. We will base these choices on a number of criteria and through consultation with various Forest representatives.

Once the shortlist has been compiled we will construct a voting mechanism for paid members of NFFC North America, through which the 5 that have the highest number of votes will be inducted into the Hall of Fame that year.

For the inaugural inductees we have chosen 5 figures whose indisputable connection to the club makes them obvious first class entrants.

Hall of Fame Members

#1 Brian Clough (Manager)

#2 John Robertson (Player)

#3 Stuart Pearce (Player)

#4 Peter Taylor (Assistant Manager)

#5 Billy Walker (Manager)

#6 Stan Collymore (Player)

#7 Ian Storey Moore (Player)

#8 Nigel Clough (Player)

#9 Peter Shilton (Player)

#10 Viv Anderson (Player)